3rd Quarter Annuity Sales Down from Last Quarter and 2016

Third quarter annuity sales results have been published by Wink, Inc., and the results are less than desirable, with fixed annuities taking a considerable hit.

  • According to data compiled by Wink, indexed annuities fell short of 2nd quarter, 2017 totals by 14%, and missed 3rd quarter, 2016 totals by 11%.
  • Fixed annuity sales suffered considerably, falling 21% short of 2nd quarter, 2017 totals, and a whopping 36% short of 3rd quarter, 2016 numbers.
  • MYGA sales were a bit of a mixed bag, tumbling in sales by 16% over 2nd quarter, 2017, but only 8% off from 3rd quarter, 2016 sales results.
  • What could be behind such a considerable tumble in annuity sales?

    According to industry writer Rachel Summitt in her recent article "LIMRA Predicts Drop in Annuity Sales" the recently enacted DOL Fiduciary Rule has caused concern in the annuity industry, as producers and insiders do know the full impact the legislation will have on their daily business practices. Financial experts and LIMRA further speculate the trend will continue into early 2018, but hopefully rebound once the practical implications of the DOL Rule are finally known. Fortunately, producers are beginning to realize that adhering to the new layer of regulations is not as difficult as anticipated, adding additional optimism to 2018.

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