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The Fight's Not Over: News of DOL Delay on the Horizon

The fight is not over to delay the controversial DOL Fiduciary Rule. Although phase one of the rule, proof of acting in the clients best interest and related provisions, went into effect on June 9th, phase two may not come into play on January 1, 2018. Does this mean the fiduciary rule is going away? Does this mean redaction of the rule? F
CLICK HERE to read the complete article:

Panel: DOL Rule Will ‘Most Certainly’ Be Delayed

by John Hilton | Originally Published July 19, 2017 on

Do Your Clients Live in One of These 29 States?

Do your clients live in one of these 29 states?

Alaska Arkansas California Connecticut Delaware
Georgia Indiana Iowa Kentucky Louisiana
Maryland Massachusetts Mississippi Montana Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota Tennessee
Utah Vermont Virginia West Virginia

If so, your clients could be held responsible for long-term care and related medical debts they did not accrue. How is this possible? Filial state laws are to blame.

What are Filial State laws?

In short, the filial state laws say that if individuals have the means, they cannot allow their parents or children to become destitute. Of course, each of the 29 filial states word this a bit differently, but the basic meaning is the same. These laws have seldom been enforced, but after the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA), these little-known laws, originally meant to prevent estate fraud or extreme poverty for immediate family members, are fast becoming powerful weapons of debt recovery for both Medicaid and private nursing care enterprises.

The DRA allows Medicaid offices in filial states to recover what are determined to be overpaid Medicaid funds. Additionally, many filial states now allow privately owned long-term care providers to sue adult children over unpaid balances on care bills. Furthermore, the DRA also gives Medicaid expanded powers to investigate and recover assets transferred prior to application for Medicaid.

Fortunately, instances of filial state lawsuits are still rare. But the recent rise litigation is enough of a threat to get many adult children to pay, just to avoid costly and confusing legal proceedings. And it often does not take a huge outstanding balance to erode long-term family stability. For many families, even a few thousand dollars can mean the difference between an inheritance and a virtually insolvent estate. To make the level of tragedy even worse, treasured family assets sometimes have to be sold to settle the estate.

What can advisers do?

Just knowing these laws are out there is a good start. And since a considerable percentage of us may one day have to procure long-term care for our parents, and even possibly our children, it is important to read contracts very carefully so that we don’t agree to anything we are not legally liable to pay. Now is also the time to educate ourselves to make sure attempts to enforce filial laws do not violate fair debt collection practices. Additionally, this a great time to help your clients set aside assets for settling their estate, be it through life insurance, final expense policies, long-term care insurance and riders, or similar financial planning vehicles.

We at Davis Life & Annuity cannot give tax advice or estate planning advice, but what we can do is help you as advisers stay ahead of the game. Give us a call today at 800-747-5612 for your next life insurance or annuity case. We will make sure you get the best product to fit your client's needs. And be sure to read our newsletter, website news feeds, and blog so that you can stay up-to-date on all the latest financial planning regulations and information.

Want to read more about the real impact filial laws have on our clients? CLICK HERE to read more about it in our summer newsletter!

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    DOL Fiduciary Rule Causes 1Q Sales Slump

    Wink's first quarter sales report came out, and the news is not good. According to findings published by in its May 25, 2017 article Indexed Annuity Sales Fall 14%: Wink by Allison Bell, industry report comparing the first quarter of 2017 to 2016, several downward trends were noticed:

  • MYGA sales topped $8.9 billion, a drop of 17%
  • Traditional fixed Annuities came in at $1.1 billion, 6.4% lower than this same time in 2016
  • Indexed annuities dropped 15%, totalling $12.9 billion in sales
  • Industry expert Sheryl J. Moore, president of Wink, attributes the decline in sales to DOL Fiduciary Rule preparedness setbacks. Client fears combined with confusion about compliance showed in the lagging sales numbers. The big question is, with the DOL Fiduciary Rule now in place, will sales continue to drop or will they rebound?

    CLICK HERE to read the original article
    CLICK HERE to get more information on Wink


    June is National Annuities Awareness Month, and We Found a Great Tool for Educating Your Clients

    Part of the reasoning behind the recently implemented DOL Fiduciary Rule is the quest to make consumers more savvy about the financial products they are placing their money and trust in. In keeping with National Annuities Awareness Month, we want to share this great PDF we found. It is a glossary of annuity terms, and quite a comprehensive one at that.

    As previously stated, DOL wants us to inform our clients, but sometimes even the most well-spoken adviser comes across a term that is hard to explain, for finds a new product that needs clarification. At any time, if the client is unsure what a fine-print term is, or perhaps a key feature, he or she now has a handy reference. We would like to take a moment to thank the Insurance Retirement Institute (IRI) for their diligence in creating this document; we are sure it will become a valuable tool in your annuity sales practice.

    Want more information about annuity topics, including annuity regulations and the latest industry news? CLICK HERE to access the IRI website.


    This Friday is the Deadline. But Don't Worry About the New Requirements Imposed by the DOL Fiduciary Rule. We Have Got Your Compliance Needs Covered.

    FINALLY! Your FAQs are Answered by a Pro

    PJ Behrens has nearly 15 years of experience at Davis Life & Annuity, mostly spent mastering the world of annuities. She has faced the pending DOL Fiduciary Rule head-on, determined to make next month's changes as smooth and pain-free as possible. In her latest video, you'll learn:

  • What exactly is a Fiduciary?
  • How can advisers easily stay compliant with the DOL Fiduciary Rule?
  • How can we keep track of everything?
  • What are the three things advisers can do now to prepare?
  • QUESTIONS? CALL PJ AT 800-747-5612 TODAY!


    It's National Annuity Awareness Month. Did Your Favorite Carrier Make the Top 10?

    WINK'S first quarter marketing reports are in! Even though fixed annuities are still down 6% versus first quarter, 2016, they are up 6% over 4th quarter, 2016.


    1. Jackson National Life
    2. Modern Woodmen of America
    3. Great American Insurance Group
    4. Reliance Standard
    5. Global Atlantic Financial Group
    6. EquiTrust
    7. Brighthouse Financial
    8. American National
    9. Protective Life
    10. Western-Southern Life

    Would you like to know more? CLICK HERE to read the original article:
    The Top-10 Shuffle In The Fixed Annuity Market
    by Cyril Tuohy | Originally published May 31, 2017 at



    We know that, when if comes to the DOL Fiduciary Rule, you don't want promises; you want progress!

    FINALLY! Your FAQs are Answered by a Pro

    PJ Behrens has nearly 15 years of experience at Davis Life & Annuity, mostly spent mastering the world of annuities. She has faced the pending DOL Fiduciary Rule head-on, determined to make next month's changes as smooth and pain-free as possible. In her latest video, you'll learn:

  • What exactly is a Fiduciary?
  • How can advisers easily stay compliant with the DOL Fiduciary Rule?
  • How can we keep track of everything?
  • What are the three things advisers can do now to prepare?
  • QUESTIONS? CALL PJ AT 800-747-5612 TODAY!


    May Web Training - Check It Out Here!

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    Webinars in May from North American

    May Web Training Opportunities

    Don’t miss these live web training events!

    Life Insurance Advantages

    Permanent life insurance provides death benefit protection and can offer extra benefits that can help clients achieve their overall financial objectives. 

    • Generally Income tax-free death proceeds
    • Generally Income tax-free acceleration of death proceeds in some cases
    • Ability to configure generally estate tax-free death proceeds
    • Tax-deferred cash value growth potential1
    • Tax – advantaged access to cash value during lifetime
    • Some creditor protection characteristics
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)–advantaged cash value
    • In some cases, tax-advantaged rider benefits

    During this webinar, Linas will review those advantages in detail, citing the authority or other source for each advantage, so that life insurance professionals can share the lesser known advantages with their clients and prospects.

    Presenter: Linas Sudzius, J.D., CLU, ChFC
    President, Advanced Underwriting Consultants2
    Date: Tuesday, May 9th

    11:00 AM Eastern
    10:00 AM Central
    9:00 AM Mountain
    8:00 AM Pacific




    Dogs Are Not Good Gifts

    Many people own vacation homes and plan on leaving these to their kids. Vacation properties, like dogs, come with responsibility. While well-intended, people who plan to pass on vacation property to children and grandchildren are choosing the real estate equivalent of buying them all dogs.

    There are more than 5.2 million vacation homes in the United States. Vacation home sales made up 21 percent of residential transactions in 2014.3

    • 33% of people buy vacation homes to use for vacations or as a family retreat.3
    • 19% of people buy vacation homes to use for future retirement.3
    • 13% of people buy vacation homes to capitalize on potential for price appreciation.3

    Most vacation home buyers imagine these properties staying in their families for generations. The reality is, vacation homes can often become a source of family conflict. A properly trained financial professional can help families avoid future conflict.

    One of the most important things people can do is be prepared for the inevitable. This presentation will demonstrate that no matter how the vacation properties are intended to be passed on to the next generation, life insurance can serve as a valuable planning tool!

    Presenter: Dave Murphy
    Date: Wednesday, May 17th

    11:00 AM Eastern
    10:00 AM Central
    9:00 AM Mountain
    8:00 AM Pacific




    How to be Smarter with the Smart Money Concept

    Smart money is money your clients want to control and be able to access during times of need. While there are several options for where to keep this smart money, only life insurance provides death benefit protection. This session will provide not only Smart Money 101, but also “outside the box” tips and the scoop on how Smart Money fits into today’s marketplace. Whether you’re new or experienced with the Smart Money sales concept you’ll want to attend this session.

    Presenter: Troy Haman, AJ Stafslien & John Lulay
    Date: Thursday, May 25th

    4:00 PM Eastern
    3:00 PM Central
    2:00 PM Mountain
    1:00 PM Pacific



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