June 29, 2017 Posted by Davis Life in Davis Life News

There's Something for Everyone at ASSESSBEST

We at Davis Life & Annuity have been busy.

  • We already brought you the most comprehensive FORMS compilation software tool on the market.
  • We have already loaded our website with MULTIPLE E-APP links for online life insurance quotes and applications.
  • Our new DOL Compliance Toolbox, launched only a few weeks ago, has taken off in allowing advisers to stay completely DOL compliant while actually boosting sales, all in one place.
  • But we aren't satisfied to rest and bask in our success. Our latest marketing tool is a real game changer.

    What is AssessBest?

    Do your clients ever struggle to estimate with any degree of accuracy what their Social Security income will be? Do you long for a quick tool to estimate potential long-term care costs? Do you desire a one-stop shop for annuity calculators and disclosure forms? Do you want to be able to draft fully DOL Compliant recommendation reports at minimal cost-to-use?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then AssessBest if your you.

    AssessBest offers complete sales profile builder software, including a host site loaded with everything you need to help your clients accurately asses their needs and risk tolerance levels. Your applications, suitability forms, recommendation reports, and calculators can all be found in one place, making sales faster and easier than you can imagine.

    Questions? Call us at 800-747-5612!

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